Poe Does Attack Physical Dmg Work With Projectiles

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I want to use the Recurve from the last games, but i'm worried they changed it I've seen some bow gameplay and i'm certain that the bow people are using is the Compound right? Much faster arrow velocity and less drop over distance, definitely more effective, but for me much less fun.. You pop ANY hunter no matter how decked out they are with protective gear in one shot!! Makes clearing bases, fortresses, camps very quick and easy.. Ideally you do not want it to be unwieldly, so as a guide: for draw lengths under 26″ go for a 26″ longrod, up to 28″, a 28″ longrod and for longer draw lengths a 30″ rod will be enough.

And if you use it with premium arrows its a wet dream Definite must have as the range and dmg it does AT RANGE is just sick.

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Get one when you can afford to Jul 02, 2019  Longrods come in different lengths, from 26 inches to over 50 inches.. How much dmg does recurve bow give jihn. If you haven't found out yet, the recurve bow once juiced to level 4 is the ♥♥♥♥. Iobit Protected Folder V1 1 Full Activated

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