As a gamer, you know that nothing is more frustrating than being unable to play a game. To ensure the experience of every Xbox 360 gamer, Microsoft has released a line of consoles with a built-in disc drive. If your Xbox 360 console is not compatible with discs, this article will show you how to fix the problem and play all your favorite games for free! Xbox 360 can get stuck on updating or downloading content from discs. In these cases it's possible the console has been modified in some way and needs repair. When this occurs, contact qualified service professionals who can help by going through several steps to diagnose and repair the issue. First, try the easy fixes below. If these methods fail to cure your Xbox 360 disc drive issues, contact Microsoft support for assistance. The first step you should take is to locate the disc drive on your console. It should be located on the back of the unit near the HDMI port. The Xbox 360 DVD Drive assembly is located inside a plastic enclosure. There are two screws which hold it in place. Remove these screws and carefully remove this drive assembly by pulling it gently from under the other components. Take care to avoid pulling on any other wires. For additional help, review the following video for this repair. Once you have the drive assembly removed, inspect it by looking for any evidence of physical damage. The disc drive should be smooth and free of blemishes or scratches. If you see that the Xbox 360 disc drive is damaged in any way, contact Microsoft Support right away. You will need your console's Service Tag. This code is listed on a sticker on the back of your console. To fix Xbox 360 disc tray not opening, you'll need to replace the optical laser servo motor usually accompanied with a CD/DVD motor or tray switch assembly, or both if necessary. The laser servo is responsible for opening and closing the disc tray. There are many types of this specific motor. To determine which type you need, remove the CD/DVD assembly from your Xbox 360 console and check it out using pictures or video tutorials found online.  Most drive assemblies are attached to both the switch and motor by one or two screws. Unscrew these to get access to the process of replacing the motor. Once you get access, remove all wires connected to each part of your optical laser servo motor. Remove them very carefully so that you don't damage any components or bend any pins when removing them. This could cause permanent damage in your Xbox 360 console's disc drive if not handled properly. For additional help, review the following video for this repair. Once you have all of your motor wires removed, replace the old motor motor with the new one. Make sure that all of your wires are connected securely to everything. It's also a good idea to wipe clean any dust or debris that may be on the Xbox 360 disc tray assembly. You should also lightly lubricate each screw hole where you will be installing your new servo circuit board. Once you get everything aligned properly, attach the servo back together using two screws (if needed) and place them back into place. After you're done attaching wires to the other components, reattach any missing files and close up your Xbox 360 unit.


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